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November 28th, 2006


I wasn't feeling up to anything meaningful last weekend, so I made some formals instead :) Find 8 new Curvy and Tiny dresses here and here.

I also removed a few items I made back when I was a young and inexperienced skinner.

If you come to miss them for some reason, just let me know.




November 25th, 2006


Today I bring you a little bit of everything.

First and foremost, Skinny Teen Outfits page is ready. Also find new Teen stuff on Skinny PJs, Skinny Formals and Skinny Undies pages...

two applique jackets on Athletic Tops&Bottoms page (yes, I'm a pinup fetishist:)...

and my Fancy Lace collection on Curvy Tops&Bottoms page.

I tried to post some stuff on MTS2 but failed miserably every time because I'm too sleepy, so I think I should really go to bed before I ruin something on this site :)




November 1st, 2006



It actually snowed here in Moscow two days ago, so I guess it's time to dig out my favorite PJs and wool socks. Also check out my new Curvy Pjs page for snuggly Nigthies and sleek lace camis :)

Lace stuff based on Starangel13's very cute mesh.




October 19th, 2006


Today I'm proudly opening a new page dedicated to Athletic bodyshape based on Marvine's beautiful meshes (See Credits for showerproof skins/base meshes). I grabbed them greedily the moment I saw them and at last I'm ready with the recolors.

Don't ask me what aniseed, cones and buttons have to do with pumping iron and healthy living. I don't know, I just love rummaging through Grannie's button box :)




October 11th, 2006


A small update today. Judie just released two very feminine Curvy meshes

and I made 4 recolors. The knit tunic is inspired by Judie's creations :)

Go check out Curvy Outfits Page 2

I'm almost done with the new body type page, I just have to get in contact with the mesh artist, so please bear with me. (And believe me, those are some beautiful meshes!)





September 20th, 2006


Today's The Tiny Day meaning that I bring you 12 Tiny Outfits and

some Tiny Formals

Also introducing two very elegant meshes by Grizzelda and Kiara Rawks (see Credits).They are a bit bustier than Warlokk's A cup, but you can always imagine there is a push-up bra underneath :)

A totally new body type project is in the works, so stay tuned!

(Which does not mean I'll stop making Curvy and Tiny stuff ;)





September 12th, 2006


A little something for your curvy ladies :) Find 3 mom chic outfits on

Curvy Outfits page.

(At least I managed to shake my espadrille addiction :)





September 10th, 2006


The new semester has begun, so things are a bit hectic right now.

At last the Curvy Outfits page is ready with10 new outfits and one that's been here for ages :)

Tiny Outfits coming soon.




August 25th, 2006


The Curvy Undies page is ready. The cami+panties combos also work as

PJs. Enjoy :)




August 13th, 2006


Finally the Teen pages are ready. Find 40 new files here and here.

Introducing a very pretty teen mesh by Faeriegurl (check out the Credits)

I'm still touching up the skins I made on another computer, so next I'll

probably add some Tiny casuals and Curvy undies.

P.S. I made Petite Teen tops for Warlokk's first Hi-Res mesh and they

look better with it for some reason (must be my poor skinning skills)

So the mesh on my site is still the old one.  Anyway I'll remake them when

Teen A tops pack is released.




August 6th, 2006


1. Introducing beautiful meshes by Grizzelda from TS2 Creations and Judie

from All About Style (check out the Credits) which means that

2. today's the Formals Day (check out 7 new Curvy Formals and 1 you already

know; ) because

3. putting together the Teen pages is taking more time than I expected

(sorry) but

4. I finally have a guestbook, so come drop me a line :) And maybe

5. I really should move all this info to What's New page :)




August 5th, 2006

Finally back and setting up Petite Teens and Chubby Teens

pages. This may take a while, so please bear with me :)




July 27th, 2006


I'm having a prolonged vacation at my parents' and being the good wife that I am I spend all my evenings at home making clothes for the Sims.

I've got tons of them by now, but Mom's videocard is not very good, so I can't upload anything until I've seen it on my own computer and taken good screenshots.

Sorry for the delay, guys, but I'm definitely coming back in about a week.

Meanwhile here's a list of what I have in store for you:

Curvy Girls: all clothing categories are covered now. Some Boho inspired casuals. Some mom/cozy clothing. About 7 formals and 6 nigthies (I got a bit carried away here :)

Tiny Girls: Orient- and peasant inspired casuals. Some print tees.

Curvy Teens: Working to cover all categories.

Tiny Teens: Some bottoms. Waiting for more meshes :)

I also got my hubbie to set up a guestbook for me, so very soon you'll be able contact me if you feel like it.




July 5th, 2006

Here you can find clothing for different Sim girls - the chubby ones, the willowy ones, the outrageously curvaceous ones.

For now I'll only be using 32'' and 40'' hip sizes and A and DD cup sizes, but you can always mix and match those for even more diversity, right?

All meshes created by Warlokk at Warlokk's Hi-Res Bodyshapes Project. For more information on how to use his genious body types and nude skins click Info


28 November

Added 8 Curvy and Tiny   Formals.

25 November

Added new stuff toPetite Teen Outfits page,Petite PJs, Petite Formals and Petite Undies pages, Athletic Tops&Bottoms page and Curvy Tops&Bottoms page.


1 November

Opened Curvy PJs Page


19 October

Opened Athletic Girls page


11 October

Added 4 Curvy Outfits


20 September

Added 12 Tiny Outfits and some Formals


12 September

Added 3 Curvy outfits

10 September

  Added Curvy Outfits page  




25 August


Added Curvy Undies page


  13 August  

Added Chubby Teens and Petite Teens pages


6 August

Added 7 new Curvy Formals

4 July

Added everyday clothes for tiny and curvy girls.

More stuff in about two weeks