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Classical Pinup Bodyshape

Pinup clothes form the Curvy section are based on Classical Pinup meshes created by Warlokk.

Classical Pinup is a separate bodyshape and it has its own showerproof nude mesh and nude skintone which can be found here  Also find tons of skintones in this forum. (You have to be over 18 and registered/logged in to view this page).


Athletic Bodyshape

This is a bodyshape created by Marvine at Insimenator.net

If you want your Athletic Sims to keep their shape when nude you have to download her base meshes and showeproof Barbie skintones here.

Anatomically correct showerproof skintones can be found here. (You must get the base meshes anyway)


Curvy/Tiny (Chubby/Skinny) Bodyshapes

The clothes on this site work best with 3 of Warlokk's Adult Hi-Res bodytypes: ACup/32''Hips, ACup/40''Hips, DDnaturalCup/40''Hips and 2 of his Teen bodytypes: ACup/Sm hips and DCup/XL hips. I' m also using skinny and curvy meshes by other creators (see Links).

If you want your Sims to keep their shape when nude (no matter whose clothing mesh you're using) you have to download Warlokk's Hi-Res Bodyshape Nude meshes and skintones for the bodytype of your choice form the Adult section of Warlokk's Tower. You have to be over 18 and registered/logged in to view it.

Warlokk's Hi-Res Bodyshape meshes used on this site are not compatible with his Variety Bodyshape meshes, so you can only have one set of meshes in your game.

Find more information on Warlokk's pages (see Links).